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Timberleaks was created by UK-based environmental investigations group      Earthsight. Earthsight is a UK-registered non-profit, limited by guarantee (Company    No.9651082)

© 2019 Earthsight

Which companies are sourcing wood from irreplaceable forests in the Heart of Borneo? Which ones are in bed with dirty suppliers from conflict states and African dictatorships? Which timber traders are ignoring all warnings to help build fancy yachts and luxury items from suspect wood?


They like to say they are concerned about the world’s remaining forests. They could tell us they are only following the rules. They may insist they are leading champions of sustainability. Some of them even claim to be helping save baby orangutans.


But these statements don't stand up to scrutiny. Unfortunately, there isn't enough scrutinising going on. 


There are laws in place to ensure that dodgy wood isn’t entering markets in America and Europe. They aren’t being respected. Neither are the concerns of the consumers who care about the fate of the world’s forests. We decided we could no longer stand back and watch in silence as this happened. So we created Timberleaks. Backed up with hard evidence, including from a growing network of industry informants, we’re here to dish the dirt on the most scandalous practices of the wood industry to the people who most need to hear it.


As well as being published on our website, our stories are sent directly to over 100 relevant enforcement officials, thousands of wood product importers, plus the wood purchasing managers of some of the largest retail stores chains in the world. They are also sent to prominent industry groups and sustainability bodies, and shared with the press.


We want stronger action taken by the companies that continue to drag their heels on cleaning up their supply chains. And we would like it soon. Our forests are running out of time.